Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Over 30 years of experience in manufacturing workshop equipment for motor vehicles.

Since 2010, ÖLBOX GmbH has been the European distribution center for professional products of the brand "Oilbox". The brand is authorized directly by our own manufacturer in Taiwan, who has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing automotive workshop equipment.

In 2016, ÖLBOX expanded the business and set up the “Eastern European Market Department", which offers the goods as well as services in Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, etc. With our central location in Germany, we can provide more cost-effective goods and services, ranging from storage, fast delivery to comprehensive supports.


Our Vision

We aim for simple, flexible and high-quality products:


Right from the development stage, we make sure that our products are simple in design and self-explanatory in application. An operating manual is almost unnecessary. All components of the pumps are interchangeable and almost any mechanic can repair it!


The use of hand-pumping system makes us independent of the energy supply, while the compressed air devices make the job easier. By combining the two systems, you can use the pump either stationary or mobile. The conscious renunciation of a high capacity allows you to use it anywhere.

High Quality:

With the help of high-quality raw materials, we can cover a wide range of operating fluids and guarantee a high processing quality of our products. Our own research and development (R&D) team guarantees constant further development and the high quality of the "Oilbox" products. For our innovative and outstanding products, a large number of industrial property rights and patents have been granted to us worldwide, especially in Germany and the European Union.