Manual Fluid Extractor "UFO" (7 liters)

Manual Fluid Extractor "UFO" (7 liters)
Universal suction pump for oils and similar liquids.
To create the vacuum by hand pump and extract the fluid into the container.
– Integrated pump made of aluminum standpipe.
– Automatic stop by overflow valve.
– Stable plastic container with marks.
– Operating temperature up to 100°C.
– White-transparent container for fluid indication.
– Portable.
– No power or compressed air connection required - also suitable for mobile use.
Item No. 110063
Matchcode CJ-108
Capacity 7 liters
Weight 2.3 kg
Dimension 270H x 310W (mm)
scope of delivery
1 x pump (7 liters)
3 x tubes (9.8mm x 100cm, 6.7mm x 85cm, 5.8mm x 85cm)